Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Crafting Area/Office/Sewing Area

We have a HUGE basement in our place.  It's a TON of space.  The room is 16 x 21.  Charlie wanted to make it the living room, but I didn't think having the office on the main level off the open dining room would look good.  So, the office is in the basement.  Thinking back, I probably would've just put the living room downstairs.  It would've made Charlie happier and we would've had more space.  Also, it's my house what does it matter what other people think. However, I'm not helping lug his solid cherry L-shaped desk back up the stairs. 

The current set up is a vast improvement on what I had, but is nowhere close to what I want, but that's another post. 

*Warning* These pictures were taken in a basement.  There is ZERO natural light, and they didn't put over head lights down there.  Real smart. 

Moving on! Here is my area!

So, let's break it down. This is the bookshelf that houses most of my crafting stuff.  

This is the top shelf of my book shelf.  All my paper scraps, paper cutter, and a few of my scrapbooking supplies are stored here. The rest of my stuff is still in the basement.  I need to go through it. 

This is our super awesome printer we got on Black Friday for $50! 
We've been without a printer for a while so it's pretty nice.  This is also where Sophie likes to sleep while in the basement.

This is where I keep my scrapbook paper.  I got these boxes from Michael's when they were 40% off!  I also have any non-scrapbooking crafty items on this shelf.  I'm not going to post a picture of the bottom shelf, because it's just a trashcan. 

This is my desk.  I liked it when I got it.  Now it's aight, but I haven't found another desk I like.  My Silhouette machine and laptop live here.  Along with some plastic storage containers.  

Yes, I did cut out a giant vinyl damask and put it on my laptop.  I have a problem. I'm addicted to damask. 

I got the idea here.

This is my sewing machine! I got it at a flea market for $10! I kind of want to paint the desk, but I'm not sure what color yet.  That's my mother in law's sewing lamp.  She brought it over for my sewing lesson.  She forgot to take it back with her, but I'm not going to tell her.  I kind of like it. :)

Here is the desk opened up and the machine.

I was able to find the manual online on Singer's website.  Thank goodness, or I'd have no idea what to do.  The machine was sold in the early 70's.  So she's a golden oldie.  Literally.

One of the best parts of my office is my super awesome damask floor lamp I got from Target on clearance! woot woot!

I hope I'm able to get my area all decorated soon, but it's a LOT better than my old space.  

Hope you enjoyed it! 


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