Monday, January 24, 2011

Snow Day!

We had over a foot of snow fall at our house Wednesday night and Thursday morning! 
I've never seen so much snow.

This was all the snow on our patio.

I work at a college and they canceled classes and closed the office on Thursday. YAY!  Charlie works for a school district and I swear they close school if the wind blows the wrong way.  So, we got to spend the day together. I decided that since I was off I would be productive and organize my pantry and the cabinet under the sink.  It's not as exciting as it sounds, because my pantry is crazy tiny and we need to go to the grocery store so there wasn't much in there. lol

Here is are the before pictures:

Mess, mess everywhere.  The first thing I did was take some stuff to the basement.  Like the Supershooter cookie presser thing.  I've used it all of 0 times.  My in-laws gave it to me and I hope to use it someday, but it doesn't need to stay in the pantry. 

Here are the afters!

The top shelf has our alcohol, mixers, and our immersion blender (?, not sure why I decided to put that there).

Second shelf houses my baking stuff.

Third shelf has staples like rice, pasta, and canned goods.  And Ramen noodles, the meal of champions!

Fourth shelf is for crock pots, I guess. 2 of the 4 that I own are there. 

Then on the bottom is my blender and our plastic grocery bag stash.  I'm ashamed at all the plastic bags I have. ASHAMED! We have re-usable bags, but keep forgetting them. 
That's going to change.  

I decided to move a lot of my appliances off the counter because my kitchen is really small.  I'm kind thinking of re-doing it.  Not that I'd really done a lot with it anyway, but you know.  Once I actually make some progress, I'll do a post. 

Now, onto the horrible cabinet under the sink.  Shudder.  I keep my trashcan down there.  It's kind of cool the way the built it because I can fit a full size 13 gallon trash can under there.  Anyway, here is the before, minus the trashcan.

It was a giant pain because every time I took the trashcan out to replace the bag, stuff fell and I had to move fix the bottles all the time.  I also had a random assortment of crap under here.  A silver teapot (I think I put that under there because I was going to decorate with it after I polished it) a candle, and a planter. Weird.

Anyway, here's the after!

I also moved my trash bags to this cabinet so they'd be easier to get to when taking out the trash and to free up some space in my pantry.  I also cleaned out one of my drawers in the kitchen for tin foil (yes, I know.  Foil hasn't been made from tin in a very long time, but I'm southern and this is what we call it), saran wrap, and ziplock bags.  

So, I feel like I was pretty productive, even though I was slowly dying from a cold! 

Our kitties enjoyed us being at home with them.  Here's a picture of Lucy laying on me.

And here's Sophie watching over things from the stairs.  

Yeah, we have open stairs.  Luckily, they haven't decided it would be fun to jump on our heads, but they do like to climb the stairs on the backside of the stairs.  My cats are so silly.

I went to Michael's on Saturday, so lots of fun projects are on the horizon! 


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