I've decided that my cats need their own page.  They're pretty amazing...amazingly annoying.  I keed, I keed.  I love them to death even if they are wherever I am at all times. So, this is my kittens' story.

I'd been wanting a cat since Charlie and I moved into our first apartment together.  So, at that point, five years.  We never got a cat because our first apartment was too small.  So, I was resigned to not have a cat for a while.  In June 2009, Charlie and I moved to a new apartment that was much larger.  Towards the end of August, Charlie called me and asked me what I thought about getting two kittens for my birthday (September 2).  I squeed with delight! Of course, I'd love that.  BABY KITTENS!! I always thought I'd get one, but Charlie was getting me two!!! He wanted them to have a friend since we work full time.

So, we went to the animal shelter the following Saturday.  We'd already purchased all the necessary kitten-y items, and all I needed to do was go pick my kittens.  I was beyond excited.  There were two rooms lined with cages full of cats.  I was on the verge of tears pretty much the whole time.  It was so sad.  I wanted to look at all the cats before I made a decision.  I went through the first room and entered the second room.  I saw these two brothers that were orange and white.  Charlie wanted an orange cat and they were very adorable, but I kept hearing the other cat meowing right below me.  I looked in the bottom cage and saw this little kitten trying to climb up the front of the cage and meowing her head off.  I opened the cage and picked her up and cuddled her and she stopped meowing. I was hooked.  I knew I needed to give the other cats a chance, so I put her back in her cage and kept looking.  I wanted to find an orange cat for Charlie.  So we looked, but most of them were boys (apparently 80% of orange tabbies are males).  So, we finally found a female orange cat and I went back to get that adorable kitten.

This is Sophie when she was a tiny baby! She was so cute! She'd walk down the hallway and get "lost" and then she'd meow until she saw one of us.

The other kitten we got was named Delilah.  We didn't know it when we got her but she was sick (we also didn't know she was actually a he).  She was so sick that the three days after we got her we had to put her to sleep.  We were so sad.  The vet told me that it was alright to be sad, but that I had to take care of my other baby.  So, while I was sad, Sophie helped me feel a little better.

This cat loves bags like crazy.  One day, I couldn't find her and she was asleep in our re-usable bags.

This is a picture of Sophie between the refrigerator and the wall.

So, a week later we were off to get Sophie a sister.  Charlie thought it would be a good idea to get one the same size as Sophie, so that they wouldn't hurt each other if they got in a fight (?) I don't know why he thought this was necessary, but whatever. So, I'm looking at all the cats again.  I come to this one cage that has three kittens in it.  There's this one that poked it's head up when and looked at me when I came up to it.   It was so adorable.  I've always wanted a Siamese cat.  This one had gray on the ears and was ivory and big blue eyes.  I thought it was SO cute. It was laying with one of the other kittens and I didn't want to disturb them.  So, I found their other sibling that was ivory with gray tips also.  When I picked it up, it hissed at me so I put it down and decided it was ok to disturb the other two kittens.  I found out that the kitten was a girl, so that meant we could get her.  She was so tiny.  I figured she was about the same size as Sophie so it should be ok.  So, we welcomed Lucy to the family.

Look at how tiny she was! When she was at the shelter, they were feeding her dry food! She had like one tooth! Bless her heart! She was probably starving! She liked that canned food.

They loved to sleep like this. 

Lucy would also burrow into my hair and sleep.

Sometimes they would sleep together.

This is them discovering all their new toys from some friends of ours. 

They both fell asleep on my shoulder.  They are so cute!

Well, that's the story of how I got my babies! They aren't babies anymore, though. :(