Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Update and a Confession

Hello peeps!
Hope this Monday is treating you all well! I think I'm coming down with a cold so it's kicking my butt so far.

Well, I had a pretty fun and exciting weekend!


Well, Friday was pretty low-key, but one pretty exciting (I was excited) thing happened.  
I was checking my page views on blogger (excessively) and I saw this:

80 page views in one hour! WHAT?!?! Now, this may not seem like a lot to some, 
but that's crazy for me! 
I looked on my stats to see which site referred the most people, but it'd
 already changed for the day.

So, today I caught up on my weekend blog reading and saw that I'd been feature (sort of) at Young and Crafty !
I say sort of because I had the most page views in her Free For All! So, I don't know if that technically counts, but I'm still excited. 


I watched some Battle Star Galactica with the husband in the morning and then went shopping with my Sister-in-Law in the afternoon.

I went to the flea market where my father-in-law has a stall and bought some goodies. 
This one guy has a dollar stall and a quarter stall and I spent $8 and got TONS of stuff. 
I got picture frames, some canisters for my kitchen, an adorable thermos, and various other things.  I'll take some pictures and do a post!

We hit up Goodwill and found nothing. 
We went to Kmart and they were having their winter clearance sale. I got two sweaters for $3 each! I got a pretty blue one and a red one.  I'm going to cardigan-ize the red one (like this) and keep the blue one as is.

I also purchased (I'm a little scared to admit this) my first pair of leggings.  
They were on clearance, too.
I held off a LONG time with leggings.  These are the one that are like pants. They go all the way down to the ankle.  I wore them on Sunday with a dress that I think is a little too short for me (it comes to the knee, I'm weird).  I don't think I'll ever wear tights again. EVER. 

After K-Mart, we went to the Salvation Army.  I found this for $0.69!

Then, I went to the Dollar Tree for some crafting supplies. I'm hoping to get those projects done and posted soon. 

So, now it's confession time....
I eat my spaghetti strangely.

Well, I guess technically this is fettuccine and meatballs. We saw egg fettuccine at the store and decided to try it. It was yummy.

So, how does one eat their spaghetti separate you may ask.

First, Take a bite of meatball. 

Then take a bite of noodles. And yes, I know it gets mixed in my mouth and a little on the plate, but I still like to taste them separately.  

So, I've confessed.  People at work used to make fun of me when I'd bring leftovers, because I'd bring the sauce in one and the noodles in another. 

Now, I'd like to share with you how I make my meatballs! I do the normal stuff, Italian seasonings, salt, pepper, parmesan cheese and garlic salt.  I don't put eggs or bread crumbs in my meatballs.  Instead, I use this trick I learned from some cooking show. Instead of breadcrumbs, take a slice of white bread and remove the crusts.  Then tear it into small pieces and place it in a bowl and just slightly cover it with some milk.  Let it sit for a moment and then pour the milk and bread pieces into the meat mixture.  
I think this makes the meatballs stick together well and also makes them moist. 
I should probably know, but I just do what the people on the food network tell me to. :)

I made spaghetti for my in-laws one evening and realized as I was cooking that I didn't have any garlic salt. So, I just put everything else except the garlic and then put a little bit of spaghetti sauce in the meat mixture.  It turned out really good! It makes the meatballs taste like they've been cooking for a long time. 

So, how do you eat your spaghetti?



  1. LOL! You are too cute! That IS EXCITING...I still get excited too:) Well done!
    So creative! Love this post...thank you for linking up to Whassup Wednesday! Hope to see you tomorrow:)


    Im now following you...Im one of your PEEPS

    I would LOVE to have you Follow me...Be one of my PEEPS!;)

  2. I'm new to your blog, but I had to tell you- I came over because of the post you mentioned (Young & Crafty), I also bought 2 of the same Dollar Tree birds, and I painted the same one blue. Also, and here's where I get creepy... my husband and I are about to watch Battlestar Galactica- we're on Season 3 now.

    Seriously, are you the Dr. Jekyll to my Mr. Hyde?!